About the series

This website presents several series of paintings, each being an expression of a tension between individual elements and their relationship to a larger entity. Together, they are a set of variations on a theme.

Pure Spirit

Adding color to a purely abstract, geometric plane, and setting it in motion synthesizes, I think, intellect and emotion. Depicting it as a three-dimensional abstraction is a deliberate choice I have made, and I am reluctant to identify the plane merely as a ribbon because I do not want it relegated to a single physical equivalent. I prefer to think of it as an avatar of pure human spirit, transcending gender, race and individual identities.

 Landscape Progressions

Individual landscapes are placed in arrangements of continuity and change, the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.  Papers, painted with transparent and opaque acrylics and prepared with various techniques, are collaged together to represent landscapes of various topography, times of day, and weather. The landscapes are framed individually in plexiglas box frames or mounted on wood and aluminum panels.


 These abstract paintings are composed with two canvases or made to look like they are painted on two canvases. Layers of spontaneous techniques  in one are contrasted with carefully blended gradients in the other. Changes associated with cosmic and microscopic worlds abound in one, while the second, evoking atmosphere or light with subtle transitions, compliments the other with something more. 


The tension in juxtaposing differences in the Landscape Progression series and the Transition series is investigated further by combining abstract and representational styles, mixing media, recycling old work, and assembling multiple panels. The resulting images, as in the other series, are my metaphors for balancing order and freedom, extending boundaries, and accepting differences.

There are similarities between the series, there is overlap. The consistent idea is adjusting to change.

Towards that end, I am ready to find what is next.