Artist’s Statement

As a designer, I work for a client to produce an original solution to specific challenges, often collaborating with a committee or community, working within budget and practical limitations. This includes commercial assignments and public art commissions.

As an artist, I work for myself.

After sixty years of painting and inventing various series, never being absolutely certain about what I was doing while searching, I realize that whether painting representationally or abstractly, with or without a map or blueprint, I have sought to discover and convey what was bedrock truth.

Today, I work primarily in acrylics, on my own terms with a variety of styles and techniques, including the use of a computer to develop ideas and compositions. For decades, my artwork has been a  fusion of illusion and abstraction, of spontaneous and careful rendering techniques, of change and continuity. I have explored variety by mixing media, recycling previous work, and assembling multiple canvases. I regard these contrasts and combinations as depictions of a diverse, complex world. I am an advocate for bridging differences and extending boundaries, but there is something even more basic.

I have always worked in the humanistic tradition of Western art, finding my way with illusion making, color and varied means to represent the essence of reality, which is simply: No matter what we think we know, there is more. There is always something else. 

See “About the Series.”