Artist’s Statement

What you see is a trace of a perpetual student’s progress.

As a designer, I work for a client. What I produce is an original solution
to specific circumstances, most often arrived at through collaboration
with a committee or community, limited by time, budget, and practical
concerns. This includes commercial and public art commissions.

As an artist, I work for myself. I love color, variety and illusion. In
“Pure Spirit,” a current series, I use a geometric, ribbon-like plane
as a symbol of unified intellect and emotion, and place it in varied
contexts, using both careful rendering and spontaneous techniques.
I explore more variety by recycling previous work, combining styles
and assembling multiple canvases.  I think of these contrasts and
combinations as depictions of a diverse, complex world. They are
metaphors for bridging differences and extending boundaries. I
like to think that this balancing act of contrasting elements represents
diversity and inclusion, and leads from the known to the unknown.