Artist’s Statement

As a designer, I work for clients to produce an original solution to site-specific challenges, working within budget and practical limitations. This includes commercial assignments and public art commissions.

In my approach to public art commissions, I combine my experience as a designer and team player, with my originality and independence as an artist. Variety, joining traditional academic techniques with contemporary abstract practices, and utilizing multiple frames of reference further exemplify my continuing exploration of the beauty of differences working together, of boundaries being challenged, of bridges being built.

As an artist, I work for myself. I work primarily in acrylics, on my own terms with a variety of styles and techniques, including the use of a computer to develop ideas and compositions. For decades, my artwork has been a  fusion of illusion and abstraction, of spontaneous and careful rendering techniques, of change and continuity. I have explored variety by mixing media, recycling previous work, and assembling multiple canvases. I regard these contrasts and combinations as depictions of a diverse, complex world.  I love color, and favor an art of many levels, rich in metaphor and open to different interpretations.

See “About the Series.”