Artist’s Statement

I am a prospector. Going to the fields to stake my claim, I have gone to find what was hidden. I equipped myself with what could be learned, prepared with maps and answers bequeathed to me, and I chose to be on my own. My effort was a search, an attempt to discover something new and true, not to produce what I already knew. I have never been sure of what it means; yet, I have found veins of ore, and encouraged by nuggets of sparkling revelations—too quickly exhausted—I remained steadfast. The process has become an answer in itself. Today, I note that I am a prospector. My search continues.  

As a designer, I work for a client to produce an original solution to specific challenges, often collaborating with a committee or community, circumscribed by budget and practical limitations. This includes commercial assignments and public art commissions.

As an artist, I work for myself. I paint in acrylics, with love of color, illusion-making, and variety dominating my choices, often with collage and mixed media. I delight in variety by combining a range of styles and subjects, recycling previous work, and assembling multiple canvases. I regard these combinations as depictions of a diverse, complex world. They are metaphors for bridging differences and extending boundaries, a celebration of diversity and inclusion.

See “About the Series.”