Robert Stuart Cohen

Artist’s Statement

As a designer, I work for clients to produce one-of-a kind solutions to site-specific needs, working with budgetary and practical limitations. This includes commercial assignments, public art commissions, and computer-generated digital prints.

For public art commissions, I combine experience as a designer and team player with imagination and independence as an artist. Variety, joining traditional academic techniques to contemporary concepts, and utilizing multiple frames of reference typify my ongoing exploration of differences working together, of extending boundaries, of building bridges.

As an artist, I work for myself. I work primarily in acrylics with multiple styles and techniques, and also use the computer to generate ideas, to develop compositions, and to produce original images for digital prints. From the beginning, I have been more interested in concepts than the naturalistic representation of physical objects, loving color more than drawing. And from the beginning, I have wanted to share the truth of the uneasiness that I believe is the defining existential character of our lives. I have sought to give tangible expression to that tension which exists in relationships between individuals and social order, of being a part of and apart from nature at the same time, of being vested in the status quo and facing change. I have worked in various series for variety’s sake, while this mental and emotional strain has been a consistent influence. For decades, my artwork has been a  fusion of illusion and abstraction, of spontaneous and careful rendering techniques, of change and continuity. I have explored variety by mixing media, recycling previous work, and assembling multiple canvases. I regard these contrasts and combinations as depictions of a diverse, complex, changing world.  I favor an art of many levels, rich in metaphor and open to varied interpretation. 

Producing original digital prints is a flexible, economical, and egalitarian means of sharing artwork; prices vary according to size and stock, and orders may be taken on line.

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