Robert Stuart Cohen

Artist’s Statement

As a designer, I work for clients to produce one-of-a kind solutions to site-specific needs, working with budgetary and practical limitations. This includes commercial assignments, public art commissions, and computer-generated digital prints.

For public art commissions, I combine experience as a designer and team player with imagination and independence as an artist. Variety, joining traditional academic techniques to contemporary concepts, and utilizing multiple frames of reference typify my ongoing exploration of differences working together, of extending boundaries, of building bridges.

As an artist, I work primarily in acrylics with multiple styles and techniques, and also use the computer to generate ideas and produce images for digital prints.

 Raising questions is the motivating force behind my artwork and the basis for its imagery. How does one find balance in this time of rapid change…between knowing and not knowing…between being physically part of nature, yet intellectually removed from it? I have explored these themes over the years by using symbols, juxtaposing geometric and biomorphic shapes, combining styles, and mixing media.

 I paint to please myself, and I love color. I mix tight rendering techniques with spontaneous effects to enhance each other. Using paint transparently and opaquely, combining two-dimensional shapes with three-dimensional forms, mixing decorative patterns with illusions, and exploring light and shadow I dip into a rich treasury of contrasts.

I especially like combining abstract and representational images, and assembling multiple canvases. I regard relating these differences an expression of coexistence, as a metaphor for bridging social differences and extending boundaries.

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